Gunnar Karl Sigurdsson
Owner, leader-guide
Adventure Point is a small family business, founded by Gunnar Karl Sigurdsson.

Gunnar was born and raised in Hof. He therefore has a good knowledge of the area and is keen to share it with others.

For several years before the founding of Adventure Point, Gunnar had been thinking a lot about how he could show the tourists the area and share information about it. So in 2015/16 bought car and equipment for glacier trips and since then Gunnar has taken care of almost all trips for the company.
Olga Strakhova
Photographer & marketing/ad
Before moving to Iceland, Olga lived in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - St. Petersburg.

Olga has a unique style in photography.
Her style is formed by a deep knowledge of Dutch golden age painting as well as many years of work in film production.

"I am not a landscape photographer. No one photo can convey the scale and magnificence of Icelandic nature. But giving a person a lead role, I can tell a story about the person with the help of a magnificent Icelandic landscape"
Dalmatian & photomodel
The third member of our team and adored member of our family is Dalmatian Loki.

Besides the good nature and beauty, he has amazing charisma. Loki, as a true Dalmatian, loves people and especially he loves kids.

He likes to be a model and he is happy to have any kind of activity and fun with people. In addition to successfully participating in exhibitions, Loki also has experience in photo projects.

If you love dogs and travel with children, then kids or family photoshooting on the black sand of the Diamond Beach with Loki can be a pleasant surprise for your kids, besides really amazing photos of your happy day in Iceland.

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